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Intrigas En El Castillo Paul Stewart

Intrigas En El Castillo

Paul Stewart

ISBN : 9780613862837
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 About the Book 

Castle of Intrigue was actually one of the Usborne Puzzle Adventures that I enjoyed! Most of the ones Ive read so far have been for much younger children, but I think this one would be suitable for any child 11+. I found that the puzzles to be worked out and observations to be made were pretty easy to decipher and it didnt take me hours to work out patterns or anything like that. The puzzles were fun but still challenging.Sally Bolt visits her aunt, and whilst going to discover the ruin of Craggie Castle, she finds a brooch. Once she puts on the brooch she is transported back to medieval times and has to help the people overthrow Sir Vile. There were some quirky characters. Sally meets Paul the Pageboy, Merganser the Alchemist, and Ludolf the Lute Player.I found the story enjoyable and the puzzles not headache-inducing. What more can you ask for?