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放課後保健室 4 Setona Mizushiro

放課後保健室 4

Setona Mizushiro

ISBN : 9784253194440
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 About the Book 

4.5 stars.I feel like Mashiro blushes WAAY too often. Every time I see him and hes near Sou or in the dreams he seems to be blushing. Its kind of getting annoying...What I realized, is that the teacher for the dream classes knew Mashiros secret, so that might mean she might know all his current relationship problems are. Singing in high pitch voice: STAAALKERISH.Im not exactly sure if Sou is gay, liked Mashiro before, found out he was half female and possibly ended up liking him more, or if he doesnt care and he just wants Mashiros female half. As bad as that sounds, (and it is), its still a great possibility.I really liked Shinbashis true form, but Im kind of sad... [no spoilers this time -3]Mashiro is so obsessed with being a guy, that whenever he denies that he is a female too, the way he says it makes him sound desperate and untruthful, (which is true in both cases).He just says: Im not a girl, Im a guy. Blush blush blush.I really do pity Kureha, because she doesnt want to be alone. Without Mashiro, she feels she is nothing basically, and at some point or another they both are going to need to graduate. (Hes already passed up several opportunities.) Maybe they could graduate together. Hmm...The summary seems to be wrong to me, because both on the back and the inside front cover it mentions Shinonome and how he and Mashiro struck a deal together. If my memory serves me correctly, (which trust me, it often doesnt) Shinonome left in the last volume and never appeared once in this volume. :/Since its not that long, and Im actually quite interested how Mashiro will go about his problems (hopefully ditching Sou), I will finish this series.I am determined!!