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My Stubbornness Ends Today Benjamin Okochi

My Stubbornness Ends Today

Benjamin Okochi

Kindle Edition
45 pages
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 About the Book 

Chika was already becoming a delinquent in his Igbo village, not even listening to a word of his mother’s. She then decided to hand him over to Papa, the disciplinarian. Before long, Papa was having a tremendous success with reforming Chika. Then he took ill, and Chika’s condition worsened. With Papa taken to Kano indefinitely for medical care, Chika was to have a free reign.Papa got well in a short time and needed to return home to complete the work he started on Chika, but his son, who feared that his father would fall sick again and be abandoned, would not agree to it.Soon, though, it was decision time: Return Papa to the village or bring Chika to Kano. The harder option prevailed- Chika was brought to Kano. This time he went wild in his stubbornness, defying everybody, until he landed himself in a terrible situation. Looking at the picture of what he would become if he did not give up his bad ways was the turning point in his life.