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Roomies (In Apartment 3B): Taboo Erotica Just Plain Bob

Roomies (In Apartment 3B): Taboo Erotica

Just Plain Bob

Published January 7th 2015
Kindle Edition
67 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Rob has a job in Palm Springs, he and his friends unwind one night at a restaurant called Rancho Mirage. The moment he walks through the door, one of the waitresses, Kirby, catches his eye.Kirby is everything he ever wanted and he simply can’t take his eyes off her. It also happens that they have great chemistry together. There is one problem, though. Rob has a wife waiting for him at home and Kirby has a husband travelling a lot for work. Although Rob’s marriage with his wife, Carol, is on the rocks (he caught her cheating with another man), the fact of the matter is he is still married, which means he can only look but he can’t touch.Things take a surprising turn when Kirby approaches Rob and makes him a proposition too tempting to refuse. With this new dilemma, Rob must decide where his heart truly lies.Sample 1:I tried to keep up with the conversation as my eyes followed Kirby everywhere she went. The next night, I was there with Vern once more, and again, my eyes stayed on Kirby. It made no sense since I knew she was married, and, to me, that meant that she was untouchable, but God did I love looking at her. Vern noticed and asked me if I was planning on taking a shot at her, and I told him no.“In all our years working road trips and locations together, have you ever seen me cheat on my wife?”“No, but there is always a first time for everything, and it is obvious that Kirby has your undivided attention.”“She’s married, too, Vern.”“Again hoss, a first time for everything.”Sample 2:It was a Saturday night and the entire crew was there. Billy Bob had hooked up with a girl who had come down to the Springs for the weekend- Sam had somehow latched onto Connie, who was the girl who worked the front desk at the motel, and Rick was with one of the waitresses from the restaurant at the motel. I flagged Kirby down and ordered a round for the table, and when she brought it, I dropped two twenties on her tray and told her to keep the change. She bent down and kissed me and then said:“Are we still on for tonight?”I was caught totally by surprise, but I’m fairly quick on my feet so I said, “Absolutely.”