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Endangered Species Peter Hill

Endangered Species

Peter Hill

Published January 12th 2014
Kindle Edition
193 pages
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 About the Book 

Set in the strike-torn Britain of the 1980s, Endandangered Species tells the story of Major the Rt. Hon. Toby Macham-Rosewater, 17th Earl of Dalgety, whose politics are so far off centre he believes in the Divine Right of Kings. Appalled by the decline of the aristocracy over the past century and the loss of his own personal fortune, he resolves to stop the rot by restoring the Stuart Monarchy. He sets out to track down a man he believes to be a legitimate descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie and therefore the rightful Stuart claimant to the throne of the United Kingdom Who he finds is William Charles Jameson, the Marxist/Leninist leader of the Scottish Refuse and Sewerage Workers Union. The results are catastrophic but hilarious.